Shower enclosure available in the 1-sided and 2-sided version, with 6/8mm thick, 2050mm high glass panels.

Step into our
complete shower enclosure.

Wellbeing establishes a new dimension, both aesthetic and functional.
The Vitrum enclosure comes in a variety of options, with a contemporary style that adapts to all requirements.
It is complete in every detail, for your natural relaxation. Everything has its place, and every single accessory is a stylish addition to the shower.


Box doccia


Curtain, an alternative, practical and elegant solution


Wall clamp


Bracing bar


Glass with inset profile

Customize your
shower enclosure

Frame options

  • Box doccia
    Extrabrill profiles
  • Box doccia
    Bianco profiles
  • Box doccia
    Brushed stainless steel effect
  • Box doccia
    Bianco materico profile
  • Box doccia
    Nero materico profile
  • Box doccia
    Profilo Metal Color Opaco
    (Oro / Titanio / Rame / Bianco perlato)
  • Box doccia
    Profilo colori mazzetta Ideagroup

Glass panel options

  • Trasparente
  • Cincillà
  • Satinato
  • Bronzo
  • Fumè

Design your shower enclosure with us Vitrum

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