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Pre-installation FAQs of the shower tray

The following must be considered:

  • how much room is available for the shower and which model/finish you like the most (for example the Join shower tray has a slate-effect finish, the Onda tray has a smooth finish, and the Catino tray is sloped towards the drain and has an uneven finish);
  • whether you prefer a shower tray with raised edges;
  • the type of installation.

Disenia shower trays are suitable for installation both on a concrete subfloor or flush with the floor.

The Join shower tray is designed to be cut to size and is available with any dimension up to 100x180cm. It can be cut to size directly on site with a common marble cutting grinder, considering that it has to be cut on the sides facing the wall. The Onda shower tray can also be cut to size on site, even using a wood cutter. We can make bespoke Onda shower trays according to a customer’s drawing, with endless possibilities in terms of shapes and designs. The Catino shower tray has a perimetric edge, therefore it can only be altered along the edge, using a marble cutting grinder.

Our shower trays can be fitted on an existing or tiled floor, provided it is perfectly flat, level and stable and our fitting instructions are scrupulously followed.
You can consult the fitting instructions via the link below.
Fittings instructions

The Join and Catino shower trays do not come with a reinforcement plate below floor level, therefore you will only need to make sure that there is a 7cm space for the shower waste, plus the thickness of the tray, between the shower subfloor and the finished/tiled floor. The Onda shower tray requires an extra depth of 18mm below the subfloor level at the waste, so you must consider a total of 25+18+70 mm for a flush-fitting shower tray. You also need to check whether the shower enclosure you have chosen is suitable for this type of tray. If the enclosure has a hinged door you need to consider the height of the bathroom floor around the shower to make sure the door can be opened.

The Join shower tray can be cut to size directly on site with a standard marble cutter grinder, bearing in mind that it is hollow and that it must be cut along the sides facing the walls. The Onda tray can also be cut to size on site; in this case a wood cutter is enough. The Catino tray has raised edges, so cutting options are limited. It can only be cut along the edge with a marble cutting grinder, always bearing in mind that our shower trays are hollow.

If your bathroom has a hardwood floor you need to consider carefully which type of shower tray you want to install. Fitting the shower tray directly on the subfloor is the best solution because there is less risk of having stagnant water at the junction points. Fitting a shower tray with raised edges means fewer risks of water leaking out onto the hardwood floor, also in the event of a clogged drain (if there are no raised edges there is no time to realize there is a clogged drain). If you nonetheless prefer to opt for a flush-fitting shower tray, we advise you to choose a tray with raised edges as a good compromise between style and functionality.

The Join shower tray is made of Pietragel, a composite material obtained by mixing 75% fossil materials (CaCo3 calcium carbonate) with a small percentage of unsaturated orthophthalic resins (acrylate polyester), coated with approx. 1 mm thick Gelcoat. Gelcoat is an acrylate polyester resin (with a percentage of acrylic monomer) used as a coating material for fibreglass. Gelcoat makes fibreglass waterproof, weather and water resistant. A Pietragel shower tray is solid and sturdy, and the Gelcoat coating adds a smooth, pleasant finish. In addition, Gelcoat is highly hygienic and offers good resistance to UV rays, abrasion, impacts and ageing.

The Onda shower tray is made of Aquatek, which consists of approx. 2/3 aluminium hydroxide and 1/3 top-quality acryl. As a result of a constantly monitored manufacturing process, Aquatek is homogeneous throughout its thickness and therefore can be easily repaired. In addition, it keeps its shape and offers excellent resistance to impacts, heat and the most common chemical agents. Aquatek is biologically pure and non-porous, therefore it does not absorb dirt or germs. Scratches and stains can be easily removed with the abrasive sponge provided with the shower tray. The Onda tray has been subjected to European and non-European slipperiness tests, and is classified Class A according to DIN 51097. This means that wet, soapy bare feet do not slip on an Aquatek shower tray even if inclined up to 12 degrees.

The Catino shower tray is made of Solidgel, a composite material consisting of a natural mineral mixed with a polyester resin, coated with a high-quality acrylic/polyester resin that confers excellent chemical-physical resistance, durability and absolute waterproof resistance and hygiene during daily use. The top coating also gives Solidgel a polished finish that makes it particularly elegant, pleasant to the touch and very similar to ceramic. Solidgel is also antibacterial, fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. It is available in the same colours as the Join shower tray, yet unlike the Join tray the Solidgel part is in the same colour as the top coating, making superficial scratches and/or knocks less evident.

It is our policy not to sell directly to end customers. We can give you useful information to help you identify the shower tray that most suits your requirements, but we cannot sell it, nor give you any price. Disenia shower trays are only sold by specialised retailers. We can give you the details of the retailer closest to you, where you can receive assistance.
Contact us to find the nearest Disenia retailer.

We work with a nation-wide network of retailers, who have the exclusive possibility to give you or ask us for price quotations.
Contact us to find the nearest Disenia retailer.

If you opt for a standard shower tray in the colours Bianco, Cemento, Sabbia and Panna and no bigger than 90x140cm, we can deliver it to you within a week of the order date. If you choose a shower tray with non-standard dimensions, delivery will take up to 4 weeks from the order confirmation date. If the shower tray is ordered in any of our standard colours, delivery can take up to 5 weeks.

Installation FAQs of the shower tray

Each Disenia shower tray is delivered with detailed fitting instructions for that specific model. Actually, all our shower trays can be fitted in the same way because they are hollow (i.e. they do not consist of a solid core with a top finishing coating). This is due to technical reasons, and also to reduce the weight of the tray. Take care to fill the empty space underneath the tray with elastic mortar and check that all the bottom raised profiles sit on the subfloor and not on the mortar. This is especially important for flat trays, which are more likely to develop dips and humps if the tray does not sit completely on a perfectly flat subfloor.
Please watch the video by clicking on the link below. In less than 10 minutes it shows how to fit a shower tray with just a few easy, safe operations.
Fitting instructions videos

The empty space under the tray must be filled completely so as to create adequate support for the tray without covering the raised profiles. Because our trays are made of acrylic resin, they tend to settle a little over time. Therefore, it is fundamental that the subfloor is flat, level and hard, and that the tray sits on it completely. We suggest applying the right amount of lean mortar, i.e. with a higher content of sand than cement, or tile adhesive (sold in bags) in the empty space under the tray. If you prefer using polyurethane, it is advisable to use a polyurethane foam suitable for roofs, which doesn’t swell a lot and therefore creates the right support base for the shower tray without creating bumps. With traditional polyurethane foams, if too much product is applied and no weight is put on the tray to help it stick, there is a risk that the tray will not stick to the foam properly and will eventually lifts up, causing water to seep in.

If you notice that the subfloor is not level, it is extremely important that you adjust it. We advise using quick set mortar which sets in only 20 minutes, so that you can then proceed with the fitting of the shower tray.

Applying silicone to seal the gap between the tray and the walls is one of the best ways to prevent water leaks over time, both with trays fitted before and after the walls have been tiled. Sealing the gap with putty would be useless and ineffective, because putty tends to crack, easily letting water through. On the contrary, silicone is an elastic material that guarantees durability and high performance over time.

Don’t worry! If you no longer have the fitting instructions for your shower tray you can easily find them in the Fitting Instructions section, or you can call us directly and give us the order reference number written on the box, so we can retrieve the standard fitting instructions and/or the specific instructions for your made-to-measure shower.
You can consult the fitting instructions via the link below.
Fittings instructions

Post-installation FAQs of the shower tray

The Join tray is very resistant, so you can certainly use a tile scrubber and harsh limescale removers and cleaners, and/or vinegar to get rid of stubborn soap scum and grime. Avoid using Scotch Brite™ scrub sponges, scouring pads and cream cleaners containing light-coloured powders like Jif. Any liquid or gel detergent will do. In case of grime buildup, such as plaster or dust that has come off the tiles, and/or fingerprints, we advise damping the area with a heavy-duty acid cleaner, leaving for a few minutes and then scrubbing vigorously with a clothes or tile brush. Acid cleaners are commonly found in paint shops or hardware shops and are useful for removing grout and mortar residues, but also for brightening up the colour of the shower tray. Other grouting plaster removers are equally good, except for epoxy-based grouting plasters, whose residues must be removed within 24 hours, after which there is no alternative than to repaint the shower tray.

The Onda shower tray has a smooth surface, therefore cleaning operations are very easy. You can use any mild detergent and a soft cloth or a Scotch Brite™ scrub sponge. To brighten up the colour and for major cleaning you can use a mixture of 3/4 bleach and 1/4 water, spray on the shower tray and leave for up to a couple of hours. This will make your shower tray look as good as new.

Do not use abrasive detergents or pads to clean your Solidgel tray. For a long life and easy maintenance of your tray, follow these simple tips:
Clean with a mild, non-abrasive detergent, lukewarm water and a soft, damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Rinse well and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Remove hard water stains, soap scum or residues of mineral products with a non-abrasive limescale remover (such as vinegar). Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. To remove other types of stains, use an ammonia-based, non-abrasive detergent, rinse with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

To buy spare parts you should preferably refer to the retailer where you purchased the shower tray. If this is not possible, we can give you the name and contact details of another Disenia retailer in your area. Do not hesitate to contact us.