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Pre-installation FAQs - Choosing the shower enclosure

First of all, it is important to consider:

  • how much space is available in the bathroom for the shower;
  • which type of shower enclosure is needed (recess, corner, quadrant, etc.);
  • any preferences or constraints in terms of shower door (hinged, sliding, bi-fold), or special situations whereby particular configurations may not be possible (if the bathroom has a pocket sliding door it may not be possible to install a shower enclosure with hinged doors; fitting of special and/or different types of wall tiles should be carefully considered in advance, etc.);
  • your preferences in terms of shower design.

Take a look at the link below and read our shower enclosure buying guide.
Which shower enclosure is right for you

Remember: measuring must be done after the wall tiles have been fitted. If the shower tray or wall tiles are not in place it is useless to take measurements. Once you have chosen the shower model, it is very useful to take a few detailed pictures of the shower space (overall photo and close-ups of the shower tray, also to show how the wall tiles have been fitted). If the shower is going to be installed in a niche, measure the distance from one wall to the other at the bottom, top and mid height, to make sure the walls are not out of square.
If the shower is going to be fitted next to a half wall or in a recess, take detailed pictures of the tray area so that we can design the most suitable wall fixing system.
Finally, take a picture of the measuring tape laid on the shower tray (we need both a close-up and a picture taken from far away) so that we clearly understand what you are measuring and the exact measurement.
Please click on the link below, where you can find a small guide with useful instructions.
How do I take exact measurements for the shower enclosure?

If you cannot take the measurements yourself or do not want to risk placing an incorrect order, you can certainly rely on the shower measuring service offered by our nation-wide network of authorized service centres. A fee will be charged, to be determined by the service centre.

We always advise ordering the shower cubicle after the walls have been tiled, so we are sure that we receive the exact measurements. If this is not possible, you can let us have the measurements of the space where the shower will be installed, the thickness of the tiles and ask the tiler how thick the tile adhesive will be. Please remember to indicate clearly that these are the dimensions of the unfinished shower space. It is also advisable to send us a picture of the unfinished shower space you took the measurements of.

40% of the shower cubicles we make are made to measure, and our engineers are fully equipped to manage bespoke projects. Our shower enclosures have standard dimensions, which can be altered to suit individual needs. Do not hesitate to explain your requirements to your Disenia retailer; we definitely have the product that best suits your needs.

All our shower enclosures are designed to be installed directly on the floor, of whatever type. All that is needed is a flat, level floor onto which the enclosure will be installed. Space requirements vary according to the shower model, so please check our price list or click the link below.

You can have the shower installed on a floor where two different sets of tiles meet, provided you have been assured that both tiled surfaces withstand prolonged exposure to water (of course, if there is a wooden floor around the shower this type of installation is definitely not advisable). When you have a clear idea talk to your Disenia retailer and together you will find the most suitable solution.

Disenia shower enclosures can be installed on Disenia trays and of course also on any other type of tray. What is important is that the shower tray is fitted perfectly flat and level. Also remember to measure the edge of the shower tray, so that we can make sure it suits the thickness of our shower enclosure.

Our quadrant showers are designed to go with shower trays with a 55cm radius (80×80 or 90x90cm) or with a 38cm radius (70×90, 80×100, 80x120cm).

If your bathroom has a hardwood floor you need to consider carefully which type of shower you want to install. A shower with a bottom frame tends to keep the water in much more effectively than a frameless shower. Also, if you opt for a shower with a hinged door, remember that water will tend to drip out onto the floor when you open it. A framed shower with a sliding door is definitely a better solution.

The anti-scale treatment (AST) is a special treatment applied to the glass screens to make them smoother and therefore reduce water retention. Being an amorphous material, glass has a completely discontinuous molecular structure and its surface looks very irregular and rough at the microscopic level. With the AST anti-scale treatment these imperfections are filled, so the smooth glass surface retains far fewer drops of water or limescale. This makes the shower easier to wipe dry and free from limescale for much longer.
Click on the link below to find a short explanation of the anti-scale treatment.
What is the AST anti-scale treatment

The effectiveness of the AST anti-scale treatment depends on how often you use the shower and which cleaning products you use. If you use the shower on average 2 or 3 times a day, wipe the screens dry after every use and clean them periodically with a mild liquid detergent, the AST treatment will last indicatively for 24-30 months. Another aspect that may affect the effectiveness of the treatment is the hardness of the water, which depends on where you live.

Toughened or tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is glass that has been treated to make it stronger and more resistant to sudden impacts and heat changes. Because of this treatment, tempered glass shatters into lots of small, harmless pieces rather than sharp and potentially dangerous shards. To obtain this result, glass undergoes alternate heating at very high temperatures and cooling at very low temperatures. Disenia uses tempered glass compliant with UNI EN 12150-1 standards and with the standards contained in sections 4.3.2, 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 of UNI EN 14428.

It is our policy not to sell directly to end customers. We can give you useful information to help you identify the shower enclosure that most suits your requirements, but we cannot sell it, nor give you any price. Disenia showers are only sold by specialised retailers. We can give you the details of the retailer closest to you, where you can receive assistance.
Contact us to find the nearest Disenia retailer.

Please refer to our specialised retailers for price quotations and any information you may need about our products. We have a nation-wide network of retailers; contact us for details of the retailer closest to you.
Contact us to find the nearest Disenia retailer.

Standard shower models, i.e. with standard dimensions, standard finishes and clear glass panels, are usually delivered within two/three weeks from the order date. If you need your new shower in a hurry, you can choose from our stock of standard shower cubicles ready for prompt delivery. If you choose a shower with panels in coloured, extra-clear, frosted or silkscreen printed glass, delivery usually takes up to 5 weeks.

Installation FAQs - fitting the shower enclosure

Because shower enclosures are large and heavy, the fitting stage is extremely delicate. Our instructions are illustrated so that even non-experts can consult them, but fitting often requires special accessories and knowledge of the position of the plumbing in the bathroom, etc. We have a network of fitters throughout Italy who are qualified to do the job for you, and we highly recommend this option. If you prefer to fit your shower enclosure yourself, we advise you to follow the instructions for each stage TO THE LETTER and observe the drilling measurements listed. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call +39 0422-742242 in office hours. If the shower enclosure is of non-standard size, the instructions will include a personal fitting diagram for your specific enclosure. If this is missing, please call us BEFORE drilling the walls.

If the subfloor is not perfectly level, the shower enclosure may not be 100% watertight. The expertise of our service centre personnel may be helpful in this regard, however if you prefer to deal with this issue yourself do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us the order number written on the box and we will help you try and improve the watertightness of your shower as much as possible.

Generally speaking, with pocket sliding doors it’s best to opt for shower cubicles with a full-height, wall-mounted frame or profile, which helps distribute the weight of the shower more evenly. Some of our shower models should preferably not be installed next to a pocket sliding door because they only have two fixing points that bear the whole weight of the shower door. These showers are equally not suitable for walls that are not particularly thick. Check that the tiles are adequately thick, and remember that if the pocket door slides into a resin-coated cage the wall is not suitable for bearing the weight of the shower door. Other precautions must also be taken: for example, use shorter stainless steel screws so as to prevent damage to the sliding door.

Applying silicone sealant to the external edge of the shower enclosure is the only way to ensure the shower remains perfectly watertight for a long time. This also prevents water leaks that happen when the tiled walls are not perfectly level. To achieve the best possible results, we suggest using a silicone sealant that contains anti-fungal additive. The sealant should be applied all along the external perimeter and over the joints between profiles or between the glass panel and the profile, up to a height of 5-6 cm. NEVER apply silicone sealant on the internal edge, because mould will inevitably form over time and water may stagnate inside the profiles. Applying silicone sealant on the external edge only ensures water will never leak out and silicone will never be in contact with water or soap (except when the shower is being cleaned), guaranteeing excellent watertightness over time and ensuring any water that leaks behind the profile finds an easy path back into the shower tray.

Disenia has a nation-wide network of authorized service centres, which also and above all provide a reliable fitting service. Disenia recommends that installation of its shower enclosures is carried out by its authorized technicians, also because this will extend the warranty period to 36 months.

Usually, the shower enclosure is the last item fitted in the bathroom and as such it is often affected by problems occurring during building: if the floor or walls are not perfectly flat the shower enclosure must be ‘adapted’ and if the fitter does not know the product well this can be difficult, if not impossible. Fitting NOT carried out in a workmanlike manner could compromise the enclosure’s performance. For this reason, consult a person who has attended our training courses and takes measurements on our behalf, and who frequently and regularly fits our products. Consult such people confidently, as they are used to inspecting and solving any problems arising with our enclosures. To further convince you, Disenia extends its warranty on products installed by our Service Centres to 36 months: it is therefore in our own interests to have our shower enclosures fitted by someone qualified by us who know our products well, and to have fully satisfied customers.

Don’t worry! If you no longer have the fitting instructions for your shower enclosure you can easily find them in the Fitting Instructions section, or you can call us directly and give us the order reference number written on the box, so we can retrieve the standard fitting instructions and/or the specific instructions for your made-to-measure shower. Please remember to call us BEFORE you start drilling the wall.
You can consult the fitting instructions via the link below.
Fittings instructions

Post-installation FAQs - Shower enclosure maintenance

We always advise giving the shower screens a quick wipe-down every time you use the shower. It’s a habit you can easily develop and teach all the members of the family, which will give surprising results. If the last person to use the shower develops the habit of wiping the screens down, major cleaning operations will no longer be needed. If your shower already has some white hard water stains, you can easily get rid of them with a soft damp cloth and a 50/50 lukewarm water/vinegar mixture. Alternatively, you can use a lemon and water solution, spray onto the shower screens and leave on for some time before rinsing off. We do not recommend using commonly available limescale removers or cleaning products containing bicarbonate. If you are keen on using them, leave them on very briefly and then rinse IMMEDIATELY with abundant water, paying special attention to the metal components that may have been in contact with the limescale remover. We ALWAYS recommend not to use harsh or abrasive detergents or cleaning products containing acetone, alcohol, bleach, silicone, solvents and/or special acids. Also to be avoided are granular and paste detergents, as they may scratch the surface of the shower. A ‘conventional’ way to clean the shower is with a soft, damp cloth and some neutral liquid detergent, remembering to wipe dry immediately.

If you have chosen to apply the anti-scale treatment to your shower screens you will notice that water slides off the glass much more easily, yet we do recommend that you always wipe the glass screens dry after each use. This is because the AST treatment is applied to the glass and wears out a little every time you clean the glass thoroughly. Remember to only use soft cloths and mild detergents not containing acetone, alcohol, bleach, solvents or silicone.

To buy spare parts you should preferably refer to the retailer where you purchased the shower. If this is not possible, we can give you the name and contact details of another Disenia retailer in your area. Do not hesitate to contact us.