Available in the alcove and 2-sided version,
with 6 and 8mm thick glass panels.

Create your made-to-measure shower cubicle.

Design stems from our search for pure aesthetic appeal and outstanding functionality. The style of our made-to-measure shower enclosure adapts to your daily beauty and wellbeing needs, completing your bathroom décor.


Shower enclosures


180 degree hinge


Wall profile extensible by 30mm


Support bracket

Customize your
shower enclosure

Frame options

  • Shower enclosures
    Extrabrill profiles
  • Shower enclosures
    Brushed stainless steel effect
  • Shower enclosures
    Bianco materico profile
  • Shower enclosures
    Nero materico profile
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta Disenia
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta Ideagroup
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta RAL

Glass panel options

  • Trasparente
  • Satinato
  • Bronzo
  • Fumè
  • Extrachiaro
  • Vetro SGG Timeless®
  • Vetro SGG Mirastar®

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