Available in the alcove, 2-sided, 3-sided and bow-fronted version,
with 6mm thick glass panels.

Experience our complete shower enclosure.

Design reflects daily inspiration and functionality.
Our complete shower enclosure introduces a new concept of beauty, where every profile, element and detail enhances modern-day comfort.


Shower enclosures


Squared hinge for bi-fold door


Bi-fold door release mechanism


Ultra-flat hinge


Double-sided handles

Customize your
shower enclosure

Frame options

  • Shower enclosures
    Extrabrill profiles
  • Shower enclosures
    Bianco profiles
  • Shower enclosures
    Brushed stainless steel effect
  • Shower enclosures
    Bianco materico profile
  • Shower enclosures
    Nero materico profile
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta Disenia
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta Ideagroup
  • Shower enclosures
    Profilo colori mazzetta RAL

Glass panel options

  • Trasparente
  • Satinato
  • Cincillà
  • Bronzo
  • Fumè
  • Extrachiaro
  • Vetro SGG Timeless®
  • Vetro SGG Mirastar®

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