Shower trays

Disenia shower trays embody the perfect combination of design and materials and are available in the flush-mounted and raised versions, in a range of colours to fit in with your bathroom décor. Explore our range of shower trays.


Experience the comfort of a designer shower tray.
The designer shower tray becomes a distinctive element in the bathroom.

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Do you prefer a flush-fitting or a raised shower tray?
The epitome of flexible design, available both in the flush fitting and raised version.

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Let our elegant shower tray seduce you.
The shower tray is a successful blend of conventional elegance and modern shapes.

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Find out which is the perfect shower tray.
The Catino shower tray is one of the latest models developed by Disenia, and is available with various dimensions and finishes.

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Choose your Aquatek shower tray.
Made of state-of-the-art materials, the shower tray becomes a protagonist in the bathroom.

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Fit your shower tray flush to the floor.
Small differences add to the character of the shower tray.

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Customize the bathroom with our modern shower tray.
The Street shower tray is available in a range of colours to enhance the space dedicated to your well-being.

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