Available in the alcove and 2-sided version,
with 8mm thick glass panels.

Find out more about our glass shower enclosure.

Complete in all details, the Hand shower cubicle calls to mind spontaneous relaxation. Every detail has the right place, and every single accessory adds to the overall character of the shower. The Hand glass shower enclosure creates your haven of wellbeing any time of the day.


Box doccia


Pivot hinge with 20mm adjustment


90 degree flat joint

Customize your
shower enclosure

Frame options

  • Box doccia
    Extrabrill profiles
  • Box doccia
    Brushed stainless steel effect
  • Box doccia
    Bianco materico profile
  • Box doccia
    Nero materico profile

Glass panel options

  • Trasparente
  • Cincillà
  • Satinato
  • Bronzo
  • Fumè

Design your shower enclosure with us Hand

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