Company profile

We've been manufacturing designer shower enclosures and shower trays since 1986.

Disenia was founded in the province of Pisa in 1986 and immediately distinguished itself for unique, refined shower enclosures and trays with a minimalist design. In 2006 the company became the fourth member of Ideagroup. The merger completed the group’s range, making it possible to present the Italian and international markets with complete interior décor projects for bathrooms.

Disenia specialises in designing and producing contemporary designer shower enclosures and trays. Careful attention is paid to every detail of each project in order to produce solutions that combine good looks and functionality, research and technology, quality and comfort. Disenia constantly seeks to cater for the needs of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.

Made to measure

Made to measure shower enclosures, shower screens and shower trays for your bespoke wellbeing.

Disenia is geared to meet customers’ specific needs, making it a benchmark company in the manufacture of customised designer shower enclosures and trays. Made to exact customer specifications, these products distinguish bathrooms with solutions that not only combine good looks and functions, but also realise an ambition to provide truly personal wellbeing.



The design of our shower enclosures is a lifestyle expression.

Disenia products are not only highly functional, but also attractively designed. We perfect every detail, pay careful attention to ergonomics and use refined materials.

Disenia shower enclosures are entirely “designed and manufactured in Italy”, a characteristic providing that extra elegance and true added value. Our shower enclosures are not just objects, but a real lifestyle expression.


Superior quality shower enclosures and shower trays

Disenia employs its experience and know-how to produce designer shower enclosures and trays of the highest quality. We believe in constantly improving our standards throughout production and in our before and after sales service. We guarantee the reliability, safety and durability of our shower enclosures, which combine quality, stunning good looks and functionality.


12-month warranty extension on our shower enclosures and trays.

Disenia shower enclosures and shower trays are also warranted against damage caused by faulty materials, poor workmanship or wrong assembly.

We offer an exclusive extra year of warranty coverage (extending the total warranty period to 36 months) if installation of our product is carried out and certified by our Authorized Installation Centres. This is proof of our confidence in our stringent, consistent quality control system.

Extended warranty on Disenia shower enclosures and shower trays testifies our commitment towards our customers and ongoing undertaking to improve the quality of our products.


Research and Development in the shower enclosure segment.

The quality of our production and customer service is a fundamental element of our corporate philosophy acquired over many years of commitment and research as a shower enclosure designer and manufacturer: ours is a continuously evolving journey that has become more and more international.

Quality control is not restricted to the production process: right from the moment we receive an order we undertake to listen professionally and promptly to our customers’ needs, which we can meet with well organised logistics.

Environmental sustainability

Shower enclosures with strong natural inspiration.

All materials used for the production of Disenia shower cubicles are sourced from reliable suppliers carefully selected for their compliance with European safety and environmental regulations and for the quality of their products.

In line with our environmental policy, the manufacturing process for our shower enclosures is constantly updated with new, state-of-the-art technologies, with the objective of optimizing manufacturing cycles.

Our ties with the territory

Much more than just shower enclosure solutions: we also express values and traditions.

Although our company is active on the international bathroom furniture market, it maintains strong ties to its roots, and to the values and traditions of Italy’s Veneto region.

The culture of labour seen as a social value has placed Veneto, a pivotal centre of north-east Italy, at the core of exceptional economic development. A strong tradition of crafts and hand-made items, linked with technological innovation, are a heritage we wish to protect and develop.

Our group of companies

From stylish bathroom furniture to designer shower enclosures.

Ideagroup, a leader in the field of bathroom furniture, is now synonymous with quality, vitality, research, technology, flexibility and maximised production capacity.

Constant research, which involves all the Group companies, leads to the creation of innovative bathroom furniture and accessories: a highly important approach to facing the challenges of an increasingly larger and demanding market for bathroom furniture. The organisational structure and competence of Ideagroup on this market make it the ideal partner also for customised and contract projects.
Nowadays Ideagroup is an important benchmark for contemporary, elegant and functional bathrooms.

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